Upload in Full Quality

We're doing what no other social network has dared to try. All files uploaded to Diivve are kept to original specs. They look and sound the same on Diivve as they do on your phone or computer.

No Really, We Actually  Value Your Privacy

Diivve doesn't track you, period. We believe integrity is more important than making an extra buck on targeted ads. We don't have any visuals for this, so instead, we're going to list all the information Diivve doesn't collect on you...

We don't know what websites you visit

We don't know your location

We don't know what your interests are

We don't know your socioeconomic status

We don't know who your friends and family are

We don't know what makes you an amazing, unique person (But we would love for you to show us by uploading to Diivve!)

Leaving On Read, Revolutionized

From the very start, we had the goal of making more useful analytics to the average person. What we came up with? Introducing the "click," a simple menu showing who's seen your post. Only the owner of the post can see their own clicks.


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The Future of Design

Diivve is the cleanest social media platform out there. The design looks spacious on any device by utilizing advanced margins and slick animations. Featuring simplistic space-age menus and rounded corners, it has a unique aesthetic while staying easy on the eyes with a true-black dark mode set by default.